Leaning Horizontal, 2012, supermarket shelving system (steel, lacquer, plastic), supermarket products, 180 x 249 x 94 cm

Sirous Namazi »Sirous Namazi«

Stockholm, May 10, 2012 - June 21, 2012

Galerie Nordenhake presents Sirous Namazi’s third solo exhibition at the gallery in Stockholm. For this exhibition Namazi extrapolates on the themes he has been addressing throughout his practice: social structures and patterns, architecture, consumption and detritus. In two major new works he focuses on the urban landscape in the context of instability and failure.      

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Leaning Horizontal (2012) comprises a supermarket shelving system full of products. The sculpture is a Ready-made, though here it leans against the gallery wall at a 45-degree angle. Through this act he distorts our understanding of the object and renders it uncanny. The sculpture brings up issues around consumption, commerce, exploitation, existence and security. The sculpture leans against the wall like a painting – object becomes image.     

Untitled (2012) is a sculpture in which two walls meet at their tips and slowly rub away at each other. The construction of the wall and the mechanism that moves it are visible in a display of order that contrasts with the relentless movement and destructive action of the walls. The slow, abrasive movement of the walls is more human than mechanical: walls, room, home, as body, near collapse.     

"My interest has been mainly to create and maintain discussion, to test and to use art as a stage where impulses can meet and affect each other. My work is based upon a kind of staging of situations in which the objects can communicate in a variety of ways and on different levels. Issues around belonging, consumption, chaos and order interest me. The artistic process has as much to do with demolishing and undermining as it does with creating and building. Many of my works use everyday objects. These Ready-mades originate in the urban landscape but become sculptures when presented in new contexts, namely galleries and institutions. I attempt to open up for new interpretations and discussions that affect contemporary issues."
Sirous Namazi 2012      

Sirous Namazi was born in 1970 in Kerman, Iran. Namazi completed his MFA at the Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, in 1998. In 2007 Namazi represented Sweden (with Jakob Dahlgren) at the 52nd Venice Biennial in the Nordic Pavilion. Namazi is a recipient of the 2012 Edstrandska Award. He will participate in the inaugural exhibition, Place, at Artipelag, Värmdö. Recent solo exhibitions include Fundació Joan Miró (Espai 13), Barcelona, Spain (2010) and Lunds Konsthall (2009). He has received awards from the Ljunggrenska Konstnärspriset in 2003 and the Carnegie Art Award in 2006 (Best Emerging Young Artist). The Carnegie Art Award exhibition toured extensively internationally over three years. Namazi exhibited at Moderna Museet, Stockholm solo in 2003 and group in 2006.

Leaning Horizontal, 2012, supermarket shelving system (steel, lacquer, plastic), supermarket products, 180 x 249 x 94 cm

Leaning Horizontal, 2012, detail

Leaning Horizontal, 2012, detail

Untitled, 2012, mechanical wall structure (dry-rock sheets, metal wall studs, wall paint, 2x motors and related mechanics, motion detector) 240 x 281 x 28 cm and 240 x 261 x 28 cm

Installation view

Untitled (Collage Sculpture), 2012, print foil on watercut aluminium, 140 x 57 x 46 cm

Untitled (Collage Sculpture), 2012, print foil on watercut aluminium, 91 x 45 x 35 cm

Untitled (Collage Sculpture), 2012, print foil on watercut aluminium, 91 x 45 x 35 cm

Untitled (Collage Sculpture), 2012, detail

Untitled, 2012, collage, oil on acrylic sheet