Fading, 2007, oil on plexi, 170 x 150 cm

Håkan Rehnberg »And he stutters«

Stockholm, October 05, 2007 - November 03, 2007

Galerie Nordenhake is very pleased to present a solo exhibition And he stutters by Swedish artist Håkan Rehnberg. The show presents recent sculptures made of glass, aluminium and steel, as well as paintings on acrylic glass from the Fading series.
Rehnberg’s sculptures reflect ideas about architecture. The viewer’s body meets the sculpture in its reflection on the glass whilst the surrounding architecture is drawn into the work. The title And he stutters addresses the work’s personal, verbal and semiotic aspects. Fragments of words are repeated. The stuttering draws out time resulting in something else formed in the resulting space. The sculptures and paintings develop an interdependence through the artist’s aesthetic practice. Each stroke of paint is clearly defined on the plexi surface in the same way that each element in the sculptures reveals traces of its function.
Håkan Rehnberg’s work is, it can be claimed, unforgiving and hides nothing. Each stroke of paint is definitive and cannot be changed: all is visible, nothing is hidden. Each gesture represents a fragment rather than a romantic expression.

Installation view

Fading, 2007, oil on plexi, 150 x 135 cm

Fading, 2007, oil on plexi, 150 x 135 cm

Untitled, 2006, oil on plexi, 150 x 135 cm