Gunilla Klingberg »Mantric Mutation«

Stockholm, October 09, 2004 - November 13, 2004

Gunilla Klingberg has for the past couple of years consistently worked with comments on commercial information and corporate advertisement that we encounter every day in the form of "logos." With the aid of computer graphics she apropriates them - these pictograms of our time - manipulates them and finally turns them into decorative elements often with decidedly psychedelic and oriental features.

The logotypes are however not the most exclusive ones, but rather those representing the more mundane activities of everyday life, such as grocery shopping. This material has over the years taken the form of mandala-like patterns on billboards, wall paintings, video animations and linoleum flooring, where repetition is set in system and the logos collapses on the border between the figurative and pure abstraction.

In the exhibition "mantric mutation" Gunilla Klingberg increases her scenery of brands flickering by, with the ones of gas stations. Over sized stickers cover the walls of the gallery, where a quadratic pattern of logos, through turns and twists, transform and undertake a winding journey through the room. Titles taken from the realm of the New Age, cut out with laser in mirror glass, helps reflect as well as camouflage the content.

Gunilla Klingberg was born in 1966 in Stockholm where she currently lives and works. She is educated at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and at RMI-Berghs, Magazine and Newspaper Design in Stockholm. This is her first solo exhibition at Galerie Nordenhake.