03 S, 1997, c-print, 42.5 X 41 cm

Mikael Olsson »Mikael Olsson«

Stockholm, October 07, 2000 - November 06, 2000

Mikael Olsson's pictures comprise a multitude of levels. As a viewer you become involved in a narrative where the signification is to be found between the layers of his photographs. There is no beginning, nor end in his imagery-only a presence that charges the representation with an undefined movement shifting from closeness to distance. The beholder is struck by an ambivalent emotional mixture of both emptyness and presence...

In Olsson's imagery we find deserted places, interiors, landscapes and architectonical segments. We often find a person i the midst of an action. The images seem fragmented, like elusive moments in time.

A Swedish critic once described Olsson's photographs as a "road movie without a plot"-that they were "on the spot accounts without context or meaning;" perhaps that is the most fruitful way to approach Mikael Olsson's photographs: to see them not as accounts of the past, but as images of oblivion.

Mikael Olsson is born 1969. He is a graduate of The Göteborg School of Photography and Film in Gothenburg, Sweden. The exhibition at Galerie Nordenhake is his first solo show.

04 L, 1997, c-print, 53 x 42 cm

Untitled, 1997, c-print, 50 x 39 cm

02, 1997, c-print, 60 x 85 cm

20 L, c-print, 74 x 62 cm