Serpentina, 2021, wind instrument made of high temperature ceramic

Vica Pacheco »Animacy«

Mexico City, June 22, 2023 - June 23, 2023


Galerie Nordenhake Mexico is pleased to present Vica Pacheco's performance on the gallery's showroom. The artist's project consists of creating her own whistling vessels with the creative process of crafting and new technologies such as 3D-modeling, 3D-printing and industrial design techniques. The purpose is to experiment with their sonic potential in a full range of variations of shapes and sounds. Vica found it persistent to bring forward this «archaic» technology with new technologies. However, it is important for her to continue creating them in clay.

Pacheco's practice revolves around her indigenous roots and syncretic culture (the contemporary Mexican culture). People of pre-colonial times perceived and comprehended the world, as dynamic and transforming, as a field of relations between beings of all kinds. One part of her cultural heritage is based on these beliefs. She began to be fascinated by pre-Columbian musical instruments, as they are a synthesis of a complex system of beliefs that her ancestors wove and which can be qualified as animistic. She could continue drawing a path, fabulating with these objects, and crafting new meanings around them.

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Vica Pacheco was born in Oaxaca in 1993, and lives and works in Brussels. In her multifaceted practice she combines electroacoustic music, sound art, video animation and sculpture. Her performance »Animacy Or A Breath Manifest« emerged from an investigation into pre-Columbian instruments made from ceramics. This resulted in a series of marvelous whistle-sculptures that open up an entire new sonic universe, in which breathing, organicity and energy are central elements. In doing so, Pacheco builds upon ancient musical and ritual practices as well as mythological meanings.

Oruga, 2021, wind instrument made of high temperature ceramic

Hueso, 2021, wind instrument made of high temperature ceramic