»Emma Bernhard«

Mexico City , April 22, 2021 - May 15, 2021

Emma Bernhard was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1981 where she lives and work. She has a degree in philosophy and her works often have an existential tone. Through artistic decisions, she examines what is considered successful and unsuccessful, and how she handles her shortcomings. Born in 1981, Emma Bernard received a BA in philosophy at the St. Louis University in Madrid, a BA in painting at St. Martins, London, and a BA in sculpture at Wimbledon College of Arts, London.She has participated in the group exhibitions "Signature Women, 100 Years on the Swedish Art Scene", Artipelag, Sweden, 2020. Her first solo exhibition was at Erik Nordenhake Stockholm in 2018.

There was nothing.

Only juxtapositions. Maybe only repetitions.

I keep seeing myself over and over. Its not me really. Its someone just like me.

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A man I know gives me the most beautiful fabric. The wool is almost always stained. I don ́t mend it or wash it, wool doesn ́t like that. I paint over the stain, pretending to give it new life. Paint it again to give it balance, so it doesn ́t need to feel ashamed. I need to make another one to keep it company. Loneliness is devastating.
I found this polyester felt no one likes online. Its not beautiful like real felt, it doesn ́t even keep you warm. I hung it in the studio, added to it to make him feel special, cared for. Then I made another one so they could dance together, its so sad dancing alone. Like soldiers they are anonymous, not yet worthy of a name but still real to themselves, to me. They linger in their emptiness. Not grateful for the care they got, they are not there yet.
It ́s a stupid game. It ́s a child ́s game.

I know they are nothing. I know they are just one material on top of another. Their worthlessness screaming at me. Pick them apart and nothing.
But I wouldn ́t let you. They are not there yet. They are not ready yet. They deserve another dance, another battle. They need some more time beside the other. Clinging to their worth pretending to be far from desperation

Emma Bernhard