Eva 1-6, 2001, roland inkjet prints on cotton paper, 106 x 325 cm

Ulf Rollof »Eve, Mother, Father, the Machine and I«

Stockholm, November 10, 2001 - December 17, 2001

All my life I have been in a hurry to get older. Lack of a childhood? Finally I have re-established my contact with something, which always seemed to be vague and withheld.

  1. For a long time I have struggled with triptychs and now the triptych, "Mother Me Father" in the first room of the gallery, is more naked than ever. The classic Uggla Studio photographed Mother and Father. Elegant confirmations of the status in the relation that I was born into though never felt part of. I climb up between them.

  2. Fastened on the opposing wall is the machine that explains the mechanical movement we all result from. For me a crass production of an (as the unconscious leading figure) insignificant process?

  3. In the inner room I'm showing a bowl with breasts around the rim. One speaks of "Container" in psychology. How do I characterise this total but yet unfathomable sensation of everything I would like to express? Something as physical as the image of warm milk the child is offered?

  4. Eve holds the forbidden fruit, but is it the fruit or Eve that man desires? From a feministic viewpoint this is a forbidden question. Are there such things as forbidden questions?

Ulf Rollof, October 25, 2001

Ulf Rollof has participated in several international exhibitions amongst others Documenta IX, 1992 with his "Bälg No. 9", the New Delhi triennial, 1997, the opening exhibition at Kiasma in Helsinki, the one man show "7 C's" at the Venice Biennial during the summer in 1999 and Tensta Konsthall, 2000. Ulf Rollof was born in Karlskrona 1961. He lives and works in Stockholm. This will be the artist's sixth exhibition at Galerie Nordenhake.

Eva 1-6, 2001, roland inkjet prints on cotton paper, 106 x 325 cm

Container, 2001, wax (from Mme Tussaud) and titanium pigment, 50 x 119 x 110 cm